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Project Description

This is a Code repository for the website of Framework Ivy

We are creating small generic functionalities in the form of service API and components, which can be used by others in their applications to incorporate these functionalities.


Any website which wants to have a feature for membership registration needs to write code and use a database to store the membership details.
This functionality can be created by our project, and can be published in the form of components, API, service etc. User of our component, API, service need not have to write full blown code for the functionality but just needs to integrate our component in their website. Of course we have to publish our component as well as the documentation on how to use it.

There could be many such examples,

  • Component to capture visitor’s feedback, and store it for later analysis.
  • Component for discussion forum and blogging.
  • Component for content rating etc.

Currently there are many such free products are available, but I find they are so big a product with so many other features that even if I don’t need all the functionality, I have to install all.
Moreover most of these open source products are in Java/Perl/PHP etc. There is hardly any product in .Net platform as compared with other platform. Over and above to install these products are a nightmare for the users.

We are looking for freshers as well! What will you gain in joining us as a developer?

We are looking for developers to help us in coding. Basic knowledge of .Net and C# language will be an added advantage. Even if you don’t know, no problem, we will teach you. If you are a student who is looking forward to learn Object Oriented Programming in .Net, UML design and understand Patterns, this is the right opportunity.

Your course curriculum or training institute might not be in a position to give you an industry level exposure. You might end up creating dummy projects which no one is going to actually use. Being part of this development team, you will gain real industry level experience, learn advance techniques using Object Oriented Programming. If it matters you can give our referrals during your job hunt as well.
We are a group of experienced professional and practicing Architects with over 10 years of industry experience.


Please see the project documetation for other details


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