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Required Softwares and Tools 

Well, we need less than 3 hours from you per week, to make your effort contribution effective. Our mentors will personally interact with you one to one over phone and chat sessions and desktop sharing sessions, to make you understand the architecture, and to guide you to achieve the desired output.
So to be a member of our development team, it is essential to have the following:

  • Do you have a Google Account or Skype Account? If not create one and send your Google ID and Skype ID, because we will used it for all communications.
  • Install Google Talk client with at least audio plug-in or Skype client, we will use it to have audio chat, you should also have a functional microphone to speak and audible speaker to hear. You can download google talk at
  • We might also need install Yahoo Messenger for group Audio chat (Audio Conf.) . It can be downloaded from .
  • Should have TeamViewer or Skype client, we will use it for Desktop sharing sessions. You can download it at or .
  • Should have Google Calendar, we will use it to schedule meetings.
  • Provide us with details of your time zone/country/city. It is essential for effective scheduling of meetings, as we are a virtual team and we are spread across different time zones.

 Apart from the above, you should also have the following:

Over and above you should have:-

  • Dedication and determination to learn and contribute. Passion to create something new.

We are ready to invest time, effort and money on you. Are you ready to receieve it and contribute.

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